• Welcome  To NEWPLAN
    Welcome To NEWPLAN

    We are a reputable and experienced multidiscipline engineering and consultancy firm.

  • Architecture & Buildings
    Architecture & Buildings

    “Our buildings will speak for us even after we are gone”

  • Oil and Gas
    Oil and Gas

    “Developing, achieving and evolving with the growth in Oil& Gas production”

  • Highways & Transportation Engineering
    Highways & Transportation Engineering

    “Only a good road gets you safely to your destination”

  • Energy

    Affordable, clean and sustainable solutions

  • Energy

    “Sustainable energy for our national and international clients”

  • Environment and Social Sector
    Environment and Social Sector

    “Environmental improvements leading to social and economic improvements while fostering a justifiable future”

Over 20 years of Experience

We are a reputable and experienced multidisciplinary engineering and consultancy firm. The company’s service areas include: Energy, Oil & Gas, Highways, Architecture, Environment & Social Development, Surveys and Project Management Training.

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NEWPLAN - Fields of Specialization

Provide our employees wherever they may work with universal standards of behavior as expected in conducting company business. The Code of Conduct sets the basic rules, standards and behaviours necessary to achieve business objectives.

It provides requirements and guidance within a single company wide document for all our employees. The Code of Conduct is a common reference point for anyone who is unclear about what is expected of them in a specific situation and a valuable document that helps us put our business principles in practice.

It's important to understand that the content in the Code of Conduct is a summary of existing legal and policy requirements with guidance on how to meet those requirements. Reading the Code of Conduct should give enough information to handle most of the situations and questions that any of our employees will face in their day-to-day work with the company.
Download the Approved Code of Conduct here Code of Conduct

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